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Welcome to IN THE MAKE

A fashion-forward active brand that seamlessly combines style and functionality. We believe that fashion and fitness go hand in hand, empowering individuals to look and feel their best while pursuing an active lifestyle. Our collection is carefully curated, not just ensuring that you never have to compromise on fashion or function but also conveying a message behind BLÜM.

In German, "Blüm" is synonymous with "Flower," inspiring us to explore its significance. We view it as a symbol reflecting the vitality and growth of a flower. Much like a resilient flower flourishing in various conditions, In The Make proudly upholds a dedication to personal growth. Striving to embody the best versions of ourselves, our ethos mirrors a flower's journey to be the best it can be.

Our Mission & Legacy

We strive to inspire indivuduals to continue to make progress in their everyday life by being their biggest cheerleader. We aim create an ITM community that lifts and encourages one another, whether that's rooting for the inner athlete in all of us or simply showing up for a friend in need.

Meet Our Founder

My brand is proudly woman-owned and founded, representing a minority channel business. I hold a firm belief in the limitless potential of every woman who deserves the chance to flourish in all areas of life. Recognizing this opportunity, as founder, I envisioned a brand that empowers and motivates women through our #ITMCommunity. My overarching goal is to emphasize the significance of showing kindness and support to those who strive to reach their own milestones.

Together, we got this.